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At BritSchools, our aim is to help you to locate schools in your area. By using our local knowledge, we've got details of thousands of primary schools, secondary schools, universities and higher education establishments in all areas of the UK.

About our listings
Our database of schools is derived from several open-source databases, including data from Ofsted and Data.gov. All school listings are published by the UK government, and provided in a data format allowing it to be re-used and published for flexible and easy use.

We also make use of Ordnance Survey data that provides information about geographical locations around the UK, allowing us to store geocoordinates for each school and education provider. Information provided by Data.gov.uk can be used for private or commercial purposes, and allow us to develop BritSchools to provide a new and novel way to make use of educational data. Other resources are planned for the coming months.

About CliqTo Ltd
BritSchools is owned and maintained by CliqTo.com, a privately-held publishing company who have developed a significant portfolio of online brands, specialising in hyperlocal information and digital resources, including BritEvents, Traffic Update and Postcode Area. We explore ways to bring the UK population useful resources and information to more than 6 million people each year via our portfolio of websites.

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