Walton Hall School Stafford

Walton Hall School is a Community Special School located in Stafford, Staffordshire, teaching Not known students aged between (n/a) and (n/a) years of age.

The school operates under the Staffordshire local authority.

Walton Hall School was inspected by Ofsted on 28 February 2013.

School Location

School Information

School nameWalton Hall School
HeadteacherMr D Gorwood
Number of pupils134
Type of schoolCommunity Special School
Phase of educationNot known
Ages(n/a) - (n/a)
Local authorityStaffordshire
Parliamentary constituencyStone

Local Information

Ofsted Report


How good is this school?

Inadequate - Walton Hall School is a school that has serious weaknesses, is inadequate and requires significant improvement, but leadership and management are judged to be Grade 3 or better. This school will receive regular monitoring by Ofsted inspectors.


Behaviour and safety of pupils:

Good - Walton Hall School is a good school, effective in delivering outcomes that provide well for all its pupils' needs. Pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education, training or employment.


Overall leadership and management grade:

Inadequate - Walton Hall School is a school that has serious weaknesses, is inadequate and requires significant improvement, but leadership and management are judged to be Grade 3 or better. This school will receive regular monitoring by Ofsted inspectors.


Overall quality of the teaching provided:

Requires improvement - Walton Hall School is a school that requires improvement and is not yet a good school, but is not inadequate. This school will receive a full inspection within two years from the date of the inspection.

Walton Hall SchoolOfsted Report
Inspection Start Date28 February 2013
Inspection End Date01 March 2013
Inspection TypeS5 Inspection
Overall4 - Inadequate
Achievement3 - Requires improvement
Behaviour & Safety2 - Good
Quality of Teaching3 - Requires improvement
Leadership & Management4 - Inadequate
Category of ConcernSM
Warning Notice1

Full Ofsted Report
You can view the full report by clicking on the Ofsted website at

About Ofsted Reports

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Ofsted carry out full regulatory inspections of schools and educational institutions throughout England. Reporting to the UK government, Ofsted are both impartial and independent, and inspect institutions that care for young people and children, as well as organisations that provide education or skills for people of all ages.

Ofsted inspects education providers, children's services and organisations that provide education or skills. One or more Ofsted inspectors visit a provider to inspect the quality of teaching, the levels of achievement that pupils achieve, the behaviour of those who are in attendance, and the effectiveness of teaching that schools provide to their pupils.

A typical Ofsted report will contain information about how well their inspectors think that a school is performing, as well as ways that it can improve certain areas. It also includes data on how well students are performing, both in their general education and their well-being. In addition, Ofsted inspectors will include feedback from parents and carers about their views and opinions of the school.

In order to produce a useful tool for improvement, inspectors will give a school an overall grade for how good they think a school is:

  • Grade 1 - Outstanding
  • Grade 2 - Good
  • Grade 3 - Requires improvement
  • Grade 4 - Inadequate

Should a school be judged as 'requires improvement' or 'inadequate', then the Ofsted report will explain why the grade was given, as well as ways how the school can improve their grade.

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